Take better photographs

Here you can find practical tips on how to take better travel photographs. These pages are under development so come back later for more inspiration.

Jan Trzaskowski

10 tips to better travel photography

  1. Remember that it is curiosity and interest that gives good photographs - and not the equipment itself. Read the instructions and know your equipment.

  2. Think about your subject before you take the picture. Look for details and tell a story with the photograph. When taking portraits, focus on the eyes.

  3. Lead the viewer into the photograph by using lines. Create depth by thinking about foreground, middleground and background.

  4. Place the subject outside of the center of the photograph and consider the rule of thirds (preferably in the »golden ratio«). Avoid distracting elements by cropping close.

  5. Experiment with different angles and consider portrait-orientation. Get inspiration from photographs in books and on the Internet.

  6. Stop up once in a while and look around - often, there are good subject behind you. Get up early and experience the city or nature wake.

  7. Be aware of the light and use flash for portraits in daylight. Get good night-shots by using a tripod and long exposure around sunset.

  8. When taking photographs through windows, you should get close to it and cove the lens to avoid reflections. You may use a piece of toilet-paper roll.

  9. Remember that »bad weather« often yields exciting photographs. Try converting the photographs into black and white.

  10. Find your five favorites from each vacation and consider why they work. Experiment and break the rules!