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Travel Photography

Welcome to the website of my photo project that uses travel photography as an artistic expression. The book is printed in 1,200 copies, and it is available for sale in bookstores in Denmark. You can review the book here.

A poster (70x50cm) is also produced, and selected photos from the book are permanently exhibited at Apollo Travel, Ved Vesterport 3, 1612 København V. The photos have also been exhibited at Copenhagen Business School and the Danish National Consumer Agency


Poster for the photo project (Istanbul station, October 2009).

Currently I work on the photo guide and the detailed description of the 185 photographs that were chosen for the book. As the main market for the book is Denmark, I will work out the text in Danish and later translate it into English. I am also looking for a clever solution for international distribution of the book.

Please join the Facebook group for MERE.INFO Photography to keep yourself updated.

Thank you for your attention, comments and suggestions,

Jan Trzaskowski

  jan@mere.info / +45 25370205